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Solutions that are designed keeping industry standards that will create maximum impact. Our solutions are a complete package of technology solutions fits for all types of travel companies. Our strong technology capabilities and extensive experience of the industry allow large travel businesses to aggregate data from multiple channels into a single APl.

Front office solution

B2B Solution

B2C – Business to Consumers

Corporate Booking Tool

Front office solution

  • A solution that empowers travel agents to accomplish their sales and revenue goals

  • Booking management - Manage bookings centrally including cancellations and modifications

  • Process Automation - Automate tasks to improve overall staff efficiency and minimize costly human errors

  • Product Management - We product offers comes in multiple formats; you choose which model suits your business.

  • Supplier Management - Ensure you are getting the best possible return on your content sourcing.

  • Real time reporting - All information on orders, invoices, vouchers, reports and so on is available for you in real-time.

  • Channel Manager - Manage your content distribution across various online platforms.

B2B Solution

  • A simple, fully flexible and easy to manage system.

  • Adjust pricing and markup policies dynamically.

  • Manage credit limits, cancellation policies, and fees.

  • Display accurate inventory availability in real-time.

  • Superfast booking process designed to save costs and optimize efficiency.

  • Advanced search and filter options, help your customers make informed choices.

  • Integration capability with all the content providers of partnering agencies.

  • Ability to operate independently under an IATA agency with Book/ Issue/ change functionalities.

B2C – Business to Consumers

  • Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights, Car rentals, Activities and Transfer Services.

  • Integrated shopping cart and Payment Gateways.

  • Live Chat and feedback options for customers.

  • User friendly customizable front end.

  • Multiple payment options.

  • Build special offers, top destinations and featured holiday packages.

  • Registration and membership for customers.

Corporate Booking Tool

  • Capture travel data, no matter where it’s booked

  • See consolidated travel data on a single dashboard.

  • Easily book air, rail, hotel, and car using one online booking tool.

  • Make policy compliance easy for employees.

  • Give employees the freedom to book travel on their own.

  • Make policy compliance easy for employees.

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As a company we have designed,developed and delivered small, medium and large size Software solutions in Middle East, Asia and Europe

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